At Roddan’s Services, we are ready to help with garbage removal and various other services as well. Read on to see many of the questions we get often. Do you already know what you need? Ask us for a quote without obligation. Most items can be quickly priced through an image-filled text message. Request the service or call (973) 866-7959.

Yes! Leave that task to us. Even if the stairs are involved, we have the manpower, equipment and experience to get your old refrigerator safely out of the house and out of your life! We also take any other appliances, carpets, mattresses, scrap metal and construction debris. The only garbage we don’t take is dangerous substances.

Definitely. Whether you have a chair or an entire house full of furniture, we are able to accommodate with our furniture removal services.

We’ll take it. We changed a lot of large and small backyard hot tubs. They’re no problem for us.

We recycle what can be recycled. What remains is then disposed of according to state and local guidelines. We ourselves are lifelong Hoosiers and are very careful about the environment in which we live. We don’t dump garbage irresponsibly in our landfills.

Yes. We offer assistance with yard waste, trees and shrubs and transportation of brushes. We even specialize in tree and stump removal.

Of course. We are proud to offer internal and external demolition services. Outdoors, we can handle everything from fences and decks to storage sheds and barns. Indoors, we can help with demonstrations of kitchen and bathroom, as well as any other room in the house or office.